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Parker 61 Custom Insignia Aerometric

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The Parker 61 cartridge filler was introduced in 1969, replacing the capillary filling model.  This pen is a 61 Custom Insignia version with a 12 Ct. rolled Gold cap and barrel, a top of the range pen.  In 1975 the pearl coloured plastic cap stud was replaced with a Gold filled stud, as in this pen.  The update was short lived, as, in the same year the 'cloud series' 61 pens replaced the Insignia.

The pen is in very excellent condition and has been fully seviced and tested.   The Gold filling is has a very good surface.  The cap carries a Parker 'shield' confirming that it is:

                                                        '1/10 12Ct. RG'

This indcates that the pen is one tenth 12Ct. Gold by weight.  The earlier pearl coloured cap stud was replaced by this fixed metal cap stud because,  apparently, there was some concern about toddlers ingesting the cap stud, I'll have to ask a three year old the best way to remove one! 

In designing the Parker 61 pen Parker made the curious decision to add an 'arrow' to the top of the hood as they were of the opinion that their customers would not otherwise know which way up to hold the pen!  The arrows frequently fall off over time leaving the poor customers confused again about how to hold a pen. There is no such issue with this pen, the Gold filled arrow is present and secure.

A high quality screw operated Parker ink converter is fitted to the pen and an ink cartridge will be included so the pen is ready to write in either configuration.  Both options work very well but the ink converter may  give a slightly better ink flow and is more environmentally friendly than the cartridge.  It is also much cheaper in the long run but, perhaps, not as convenient for some users. 

The 14Ct Gold nib is an excellent writer. The nib and ink collector system is almost identical to that found in the Parker 51 and performs just as well.  It delivers a very smooth and consistent medium line, perhaps a little on the fine side.

The contemporary Parker satin lined box is in good, clean condition and may well be original to the pen.

The Parker 61 Custom Insignia is an outageously attractive, high quality pen with a great deal of 'presence'. This example is clearly of collectable quality but it would also make an excellent daily vintage writer.