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Parker 61 Flighter De Luxe GT

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The Parker 61 Flighter De Luxe was introduced in 1970 and the cap stud was changed in 1975 to a Gold filled stud, as in this pen.  Apparently there was some concern about toddlers ingesting the plastic stud, the next time I need to remove one I'll ask a two year old how to do it.

The Parker Flighter pens, named as a result of Kenneth Parker's obsession with aviation, are renowned for the robust build, the 61 is alongside the 51 and the 75 as the best of the Flighters.

The pen is in first class condition throughout.  The Gold filled arrow motif on the hood is secure, the metal body is ding free and the hood has a good finish.

The pen has been fully serviced and tested.  the filling system is efficient and easy to use and the 14 Ct. gold nib is a gem.  It writes with a wonderfully smoothand consistent medium line, a pleasure to use.

The pen is supplied a new box, it is good quality and will serve well for protection, transport, and display. the pen has the original and correct metal  ink converter and is supplied with a new cartridge so the pen is ready to write.

Good Parker 61s are becoming increasingly difficult to find, partly because of the tendency for the inlaid arrow on the section to come adrift.  At over forty years old this fine example is clearly of collectable quality and condition but perhaps such an attractive, practical, and high performing pen should be used and shown off!