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Parker 61 Flighter De Luxe GT

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The Parker 61 Flighter De Luxe was introduced in 1970 and the cap stud was changed in 1975 to a Gold filled stud, as in this pen.  The guarantee/ instruction leaflet clearly dates the pen to 1981.

The pen is in mint condition, it may well be unused.  I decided to ink the pen for testing as occasionally even new old stock pens don't write as they should.  Not so with this example, the 14Ct. Gold is a superb writer, smooth but with just a hint of feel to let you know you're using a fountain pen.  It really is a pleasure to use.

The pen is supplied in its original box along with the instruction leaflet.  It has been fitted with the correct ink converter and is supplied with a new cartridge so the pen is ready to write.

Good Parker 61s are becoming increasingly difficult to find, partly because of the tendency for the inlaid arrow on the section to come adrift.  At a shade over forty years old this fine example is clearly of collectable quality and condition but perhaps such an attractive and high performing pen should be used and shown off!