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Parker 61 Insignia. Cartridge/converter filler.

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The Parker 61 cartridge filler was introduced in 1969, replacing the capillary filling model.  This pen is a 61 Insignia version with a 12 Ct.Gold filled cap and barrel, a high end pen.  The Insignia was dicontinued in 1972.

The pen is in very good condition and has been fully seviced and tested.  There are a couple of small dints at the end of the barrel but the Gold filling is in excellent condition with a very good surface.

The Gold arrow insert in the nib section is present, secure and in good order.  It is becoming increasingly difficult to find a Parker 61 that still has the arrow in place.

The 14Ct Gold nib is a superb writer.  It delivers a very smooth and consistent medium line, a real pleasure to use.

Supplied with a new Parker slide converter and a new ink cartridge, the pen is ready to write.  The Parker 61 Insignia has a great deal of 'presence' and would make an excellent daily vintage writer.