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Parker 61 Pencil in Rage Red. Boxed and mint.

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This Parker 51 pencil is finished in 'Rage Red' and it is very very RED.  The colour is bright and vibrant and cannot be confused with the more common 'Maroon' used for the 61.  

In mint, unused codition, the pencil has a fully frosted,ding free lustralloy cap, Gold filled clip and cone, and pearl end stud.

The pencil has a very smooth rotary action, operated by twisting the cap.  The cap will not remove from the barrel, to attempt to force it could damage the mechanism and is not necessary as the pencil is filled through the cone.  The cap is marked:

'Parker 61 Made in U.S.A, 61'

The Parker 'Polka Dot' box is in sound condition with a clean, unstained lining, it's design and size indicate that it is the original.

The Rage Red colour was used from 1956 to 1969 so is a 'Mk.1'colour. It is relatively uncommon and is sometimes confused with the maroon version, with which it co-existed for ten years, the last photographs shows that the two colours are really very different.