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Parker 61 Pencil with Consort cap. Mint condition

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The Parker 61 Consort pattern was introduced in 1967, it is 1/5th 12Ct. rolled Gold, twice that of the more common 'Custom' version.

This Parker 61 pencil is in unused condition, it has a first class suface, and a clear '61' imprint on the barrel.

The cap has no dings or other blemishes and is clearly stamped:

Parker. 1/5 12 Ct. R.Gold.  Made in England.

This indicates that the cap is one fifth Gold by weight.

The pencil has a rotary action, it operates by turning the cap to expel and retract the lead.  The eraser, which looks unused, can be removed to access spare leads which are stored in the barrel.  Leads are replaced by feeding them through the cone at the end of the barrel.

The Parker 61 Consort cap pencil is very uncommon and is extremely difficult to find in such fine condition.  It would make a most attractive and unusual daily vintage writer.