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Parker 61 Rolled Gold Cirrus Pencil

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The Parker 61 Cirrus, part of the Parker 61 'Cloud' series, was introduced in 1975, along with the other two 'Cloud' finishes, the 'Stratus' and the 'Cumulous'. 

The cap carries a shield stamp which reads 'P., 1/10,  12 Ct., RG' indicating that the pencil is one tenth by weight 12 Carat Gold.  It is also stamped 'Parker, Made in England', along with the Parker 'halo' logo.

The Cirrus has a very attractive brushed Gold finish with a polished cone, clip, and cap stud. It is in excellent condition and shows very little, if any, sign of use. The hard plasic box, which may well be original, is also in first class condition.  

The lead is expelled by turning the cap clockwise and reversing to retract.  The mechanism is smooth and in perfect working order.  The eraser can be removed to access spare leads by gently tapping the barrel.

Although often sold as part of a set, the Parker 61 Cirrus pencil was also of high enough quality to be packaged and marketed as a single item.  It is a most attractive, robust, and practical vintage pencil with a good deal of prestige.