Parker 65 Classic. 1975.

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The Parker 65 was a response to the demand for a pen with an open, rather than a hooded nib, as in the Parker 51 and 61.  The open nib allows for some degree of flexibility, giving a 'soft' feel.  The hooded nib precludes this option.  The Parker 65 open nib, made from 14Ct Gold, is also a very handsome affair. 

In 1975 Parker changed the cap studs on the 61 and 65 from a pearl coloured plastic to a peaked chrome stud, apparently toddlers were in danger of ingesting the plastic version but had no taste for a chrome stud.  In the same year the 65 classic was removed from the line up so this pen can be dated to 1975.

This pen is an excellent example, it has been fully serviced and tested and is in first class working condition. A cartridge/converter pen, it is fitted with the original parker metal ink converter and will be supplied with a new ink cartridge so it is ready to write in either configuration.

The converter works well taking up a good volume of ink and the large 14Ct. gold nib is outstanding.  It writes with a fine line but, with a little pressure on the downward stroke, flexes to medium.  With a little practice some effective line variation could be achieved.  In the original advertising for the 65, parker did describe the nib as 'semi-flexible'.

The box is brand new, it will serve well for transportation, protection, and display.

The Parker 65 is a very distinctive, eye-catching pen.  It has the same ink delivery system and ink flow as the Parker 51 and 61 pens but also allows for more character to be added to the writing as the nib is not constricted by the hooded arrangement.  It is a high quality pen that would make a first class daily writer.