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Parker 65 Consort Pencil.

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The Parker 65 Consort was one of the first 65 models to be released, in England, in 1969, it was discontinued in 1972.

The 'Consort' rolled Gold, brick pattern cap contains 1/5th by weight, 12ct. Gold, twice that of the usual rolled Gold caps found in the Insignia and Custom versions. 

In excellent condition throughout, the pencil has a rotary action, the lead is extended and retracted by turning the cap, the mechanism is very smooth.

The eraser indicates that the pencil has been used and carefully looked after.  The cap has no dings or other blemishes, the barrel and cone have a good shine.  The cap lip is marked as 1/5th R. Gold  and the barrel is clealy imprinted '65'.

A new lead has been fitted to the pencil and there are several spare leads stored in the barrel which can be accessed by removing the eraser.

The Parker 65 Consort pencil was a high specification, and expensive item which had a relatively short production run.  There aren't that many around, especiallyin such outstanding condition.