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Parker 65 Custom in Vista Blue. 1967-1969

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The Parker 65 was introduced in 1967, the Vista Blue colour was removed from the line in 1969.  This is an excellent example of a 'Custom' version, in near mint condition throughout, it may well be unused.  The Custom 65 has a rolled Gold cap, the 'standard' pen has a steel cap.

The Parker 65 was a response to the demand for a pen with an open, rather than a hooded nib, as in the Parker 51 and 61.  The open nib allows for some degree of flexibility, giving a 'soft' feel.  The hooded nib precludes this option.  The Parker 65 open nib, made from 14Ct Gold, is also a very handsome affair.  

The pen is finished in the very attractive 'Vista Blue', it is totally unmarked and shows none of the section distortion sometimes associated with these pens.  The cap has no dings and is clearly stamped:

'Parker. Made in England'

along with the Parker 'halo' and shield with the inscription:

'P. 1/10. 12Ct. R.G.'

signifying that the cap is one tenth 12 Ct. Rollled gold by weight.

The pen is 'twin jewelled', with a clear pearl coloured stud in the cap and at the end of the barrel, set into a rolled gold band.

The Parker 65 is a cartridge/converter filler.  The pen is fitted with the original Parker converter for use with bottled ink and is supplied with a new ink cartridge so it is ready to write in either configuration.

At 13.7 and 14.7. cm capped and posted respecively, it is a good sized pen with a very well balanced, high quality feel.  It is a really first class writer, delivering an extremely smooth, medium line with no effort.

The Parker halo and ploka dot box is in pristine condition and is probably original.

The Parker 65 Custom is one of the more scarce 1960s Parker pens, perticularly in this colour.  This pen is of collectable quality but would also make a first class practical every day vintage writer.