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Parker 65 Flighter

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Parker introduced the Parker 65 in 1967 and added the 65 Flighter De Luxe, this pen, to the 65 range in 1970.  It remained in production, the last of the 65 range, until 1982.  This pen is an earlier version, it has a pearl cap stud rather than the later steel one.

The pen is constructed in brushed stainless steel with Gold trim and a spectacular 14 Ct. Gold nib.  The nib is described by Parker as semi flexible but I think this fine pointed nib is best described as having a 'soft' action.  It has only a little line variation when used properly, undue pressure to obtain flex is to be avoided with Gold nibs. 

The pen is a cartridge filler but it can also be used for bottled ink using an ink converter.  A new Black Parker cartridge and an after market slide action ink converter is provided with the pen so it is ready to write with either option.
The pen has been carefully cleaned, checked and tested.  

A very robust pen, the solid, substantial steel construction and huge nib give the 65 an excellent high quality feel and character in abundance.