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Parker 75 Cisele Insignia. Totally mint condition.

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The Parker 75 Insignia, deep cut version, this pen, has much more pronounced squares than the earlier Insignia.  Made in the U.S.A., around 1970, it is a true 'Cisele', as it later became known.

The pen also differs from the standard Insignia in that the Parker name is at the back of the cap and, although not stamped, it is 22Ct. Gold filled whereas the original was 14CT.,  the filling is a deeper yellow in colour.

The pen is immaculate in all respects and shows no signs of use, even on very close inspection.  The cisele pattern shimmers as the pen catches the light and has the added attraction of not showing fingerprints.

The Parker box is not original to the pen but it is in very good conditiion and suits the pen quite well.  The original Parker ink converter is fitted and a new ink cartridge will be supplied so the pen is ready to write in either configuration.

One of the less common of the Parker 75 varieties, the deep cut 75 Insignia is an outrageously attractive and very collectable pen.  It is also a great writer.

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