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Parker 75 Custom Laque in Red

Regular price £225.00

This Parker 75 Custom Laque set in Red was  made, in Paris, between 1990 and 1991.  The short production run and the fact that it was a very expensive, top end model make the 75 Custom a quite rare and very collectable pen.

The pen was made in only four colours, Red, Blue, Green and Black, this is an unused and immaculate fountain pen and ballpoint set in Red.  The Gold filled cap studs house a cabuchon stone in precisely the right shade of Red to very striking effect.

The 14 Ct. Gold nib, a medium point, can be rotated in the section as in all 75s.  This feature allows the pen to be personalised to suit a particular writing angle.  To ensure precision the nib section is contoured so the nib is always presented in the same orientation.

The Parker 75 Custom Laque is not a common pen by any means and a mint condition set such as this comes along very rarely.  The set is clearly of collectable quality but perhaps such an unusual and striking pen deserves to be used and shown off!