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Parker 75 Diamante. Near mint condition.

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The Parker 75 Diamante was introduced in 1968 as part of the prestigious Place Vendome collection of luxury 75s.  The early models, such as this pen, were stamped '20u' on the cap ring, this indicates a gold plating twice as thick as usual.  The gold used was also 23Ct., rather than the usual 12 or 14 Ct.

The pen is in superb condition throughout, totally unmarked and with a very bright surface.  The Diamante pattern is quite different from the Cisele in that it consists of the same arrangement of squares but each is topped with a 'pyramid' giving a diamond like appearence, hence the name.  The last two pictures show the Diamante compared with a deep cut Cisele, the difference is quite striking.

The pen is supplied with the original slim ink converter and a new ink cartridge so it is ready to write in either configuration.  The 14 Ct. gold nib was made in the U.S.A, at the time the French branch were still importing nibs for the 75.  It is a really great writer, super smooth and consistent, with just a little springiness, giving a very pleasing 'soft' feel.

The Parker 'halo' box is in sound, clean condition inside and out.

 The Parker 75 Diamante is quite a rare and very collectable pen.  It is outrageously attractive and has a great deal of prestige.

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