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Parker 75 flighter De Luxe. Original packaging. Mint.

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The Parker 75 Flighter De Luxe is an all steel construction, early versions, such as this pen, dating from around 1974, had a thin gold band just below the Parker inscription on the cap, along with a '75' cap imprint.  The De Luxe version also has a Gold filled clip and cap stud and a concaved barrel end.  It has the same dimensions as the 'standard' Parker 75.

The steel band at the end of the nib section is graduated to enable the preferred orientation of the nib to be set.  The 75 nib can be rotated to give the optimum angle for a particular user, this is especially useful for left handed writers.  

I am as sure as one can be that this pen is unused.  It is in immaculate condition and is presented in the original packaging along with an ink converter and two new ink cartridges.

The Parker 75 Flighter De Luxe is one of the less common 75 models.  It combines all the advanced features of the 75 with a robust build and practicality, making it an ideal vintage daily writer.  It is regarded as the best of the converter filling Flighters.' an unused one comes along very rarely.