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Parker 75 in Jasper Red Quartz. A rare colour and mint condition.

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The Parker 75 fountain pen is a remarkable pen.  In 1964 it was offered at $25, a staggering price tag for a pen produced for the 'mass market'.  On paper it looked doomed, it was nothing like the Parker 51 or Parker Duofold, the most successful Parker pens so far, it was a cartridge/converter filler made from solid Silver, the ballpoint pen was ravaging the fountain pen industry, and the 75 was outrageously expensive. 

In 1979 Parker began producing the 'Laque Collection' of 75s in Meru, France and in 1983 the French subsidiary added the 'Palace Vendome' collection, consisting of Gold and Silver plated pens in addition to the Sterling Silver pens. 

This pen is the one of the first Laque collection designs, it was made in 1979.  The 'Red Jasper Quartz' finish was made for less than two years and is much sought after.  It is much brighter and more vibrant than the 'Thuya', 'Tortoise shell', and 'Woodgrain' colours.  It is shown below alongside a 'Thuya' pen.

The 14Ct. gold nib is a super writer.  It produces a very smooth and consistent line, perhaps a little on the fine side of medium.

The pen is in totally mint condition and appears to have seen very little, if any use.  It is presented in the original box along with an instruction leaflet and the insurance certificate dated 1979.  It is a fabulous pen.