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Parker 75 in ' Laque Thuya'.

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The Parker 75 'Laque Collection' was introduced in Meru, France, in 1979.  The 'Thuya' finish, which replaced the 'Tortoiseshell' and 'Woodgrain' finishes, this pen, started in1981. This example carries a clear 'lllA' date code, for the first quarter of 1992. 

The pen is in mint condition and may well be unused, although I have inked it, once for testing purposes.  The original Parker box is similarly pristine.  

 The feed is marked 'M' for 'medium' and the nib produces a smooth and consistent medium line, perhaps a little on the fine side.

A cartridge/ converter filler, the pen is supplied with the original ink converter fitted and a new Parker ink cartridges is supplied so it is ready to write in either configuration.

The 75 is widely recognised as a top quality fountain pen.  It has a very solid metal construction and is finished with several coats of a deep lacquer giving it a shine that is impossible to replicate using less sophisticated methods.  The new style ink collector, added in 1991, provides better ink flow than the earlier models.  It is a truly great pen!