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Parker 75 Cisele.

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The Parker 75 'Crosshatch' was introduced in 1964 and shortly afterwards a Gold filled version, the Insignia, was added.  This had a much 'flatter' finish than the original but the later French 'Place Vendome' version reverted to the more pleasing deep cut blocks and coined the name 'Cisele', translating as 'chiseled', so very apt.  If you feel the need to spend some quality time counting the blocks I believe you will find there are 3300.

 The Gold and Silver plated 'Place Vendome' pens first appeared in 1983, this example carries a date code for 1985.

The pen is constructed in Brass with a 23Ct. Gold filling and Gold filled 'stack of coins' end studs. The nib is 14Ct. Gold with a fine point.  The Parker 75 is a cartridge / converter filler, this pen is fitted with a modern Parker screw type ink converter.  The cloth covered metal Parker presentation box is in sound, clean condition.

The 14 Ct. Gold nib can be rotated in the collar to give the optimum writing angle.  It has a fine point and writes with a smooth fine line, ideal for someone with a small 'hand'.

This example is in first rate condition with no dings and only the slightest marks on the edges of the the cap stud. The finish is excellent, the clip is straight, and the cap closes with a satisfying click.

The Parker 75 was a very expensive pen when new but succeeded because of the extremely high quality construction and timeless design.  Parker 75 gold Ciseles in such good are not easy to find and are much sought after.  The 75 makes a really good vintage daily user and also has a good deal of prestige.  It is a truly fabulous pen! 


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