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Parker 75 Silver Crosshatch/Cisele

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The Parker 75, introduced in 1964, was initially known as a 'Solid Silver Crosshatch'.  The  French term 'Cisele', meaning 'chiselled' was adopted much later but is now often used to describe the earlier pens. 

The pen is in superb condition, no dings or other blemishes, and no visible wear to the Silver or the Gold trim.  The cap, which attaches with a satisfying 'click', has a 4mm. plain lip band which is stamped: 

'Sterling cap & barrel. U.S.A.'

The Parker 75 is a cartridge/converter filler.  The original Parker slim metal ink converter is still in situe and is a firm, secure fit.  A new Parker ink cartridge will be supplied with the pen so it is ready to write in either configuration.

The pen has been fully serviced and tested.  It fills well and the large 14 Ct. Gold nib, the feed is stamped 'F', writes with a very smooth, fine line.  It is a very easy writer, a pleasure to use. 

The Parker gift box and instruction leaflet are probably original and are in first class condition.

The Parker 75 must have been something of a gamble in that it was outrageously expensive and the only pen to be made with a 'base' model in precious metal.  The sheer quality of the pen, however, made it a huge success and the gamble paid off.

The Parker 75 Silver Cisele is now an extremely collectable item, it meets all the criteria including age, quality, maintainable value, and, in this case, excellent condition.  It is also a great writer and a very 'tactile' pen with a good deal of prestige. A fabulous pen!

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