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Parker 75 Vermeil, Flat Tassies

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The Parker 75 Vermeil was added to the 75 range in 1966 and discontinued in 1973, although production was on a limited number basis.  It was adverised as 'almost a collector's item' and a 'relatively rare pen' even at the time of production.

Vermeil, pronounced 'vairmay', was made using 14Ct. Gold filling over Sterling Silver in the pre 1970 pens, such as this example, and electroplated Gold in the later model.  Sterling Silver is 92.5% Silver and 7.5% Copper.

The cap and barrel end studs, known as 'tassies', were changed from a flat to a dished design in 1969/70.  This pen dates from 1969 and has the flat tassies.  The cap carries a clear early imprint: 

'PARKER.   Sterling & 14K G.F.   Made in U.S.A.' 

The pen is in outstanding, near mint condition throughout, and has been fully serviced and tested.  The pen is fitted with an ink converter for use with bottled ink.  This is the original  large 'ribbed' converter found in early 75s.  A new ink cartridge is included so the pen is ready to write in either configuration.

The ink conveter fills well and the 14Ct. Gold nib is a gem.  it writes with a super smooth medium line with the pleasing 'soft' feel found only on top quality gold nibs.

The box and guarantee card are also in good condition.  The 1969 date on the card is entirely consistent with the manufacture date of the pen.

 The Parker 75 Vermeil is an extremely handsome and highly collectable vintage pen.  The contemporary Parker advert was very prescient, it is now hard to find a Vermeil, particularly a 'flat top' in such outstanding condition.

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