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Parker 95 Insignia. Totally immaculate 23Ct.Gold plated 'filete' finish. 1987.

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Parker 95 Insignia

The Parker 95 'Insignia' was a top of the range pen with a price to suit.  It was priced at $90, three times the price of the 'Flighter' model, a considerable sum in 1988.

The pen is part of a collection of unused Parkers and is in perfect condition throughout, the provenance of the collection is given bellow.  

It has a very striking 23 Ct. Gold filled 'Filete' finish, this translates from French as 'threaded' but it is best described as 'fluted'.  The Parker 'arrow' clip is secured in place by a 'two coin' cap stud and the wide, plain cap band is engraved 'Parker France' with the date code 'PL', indicating that the pen was made in the third quarter of 1987.  This is interesting as the launch date for the 95 was 1988, this was clearly one of the first pens off the production line.

A slim and elegant pen, the 95 is a cartridge/converter filler and is fitted with the original Parker 95 ink converter for use with bottled ink.  Cartridges may be more convenient for some users, these are readily available online or at most stationers.

The pen is part of a special collection created in the 1980s as a presentation to businessmen promoting Parker pens as prestigious business gifts. They have been left untouched since then so are now available for sale for the first time. Please contact me if you would like information about the whole collection.

The 95 will be sent by Royal Mail, first class, signed for delivery.