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Parker Centennial Big Red Pencil

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The Parker Centennial was introduced in 1988 and in 1992 the 'Orange Special Edition', this pencil, was added to the range.  It carries a date code for 1991 so it must have been one of the first ones to be produced.  

The pencil is constructed in orange coloured acrylic, a homage to the original 'Big Red' Duofold of the 1920s.  In 1992 there were no plans to add a ballpoint or roller ball to the range as they had not been invented in the 1920s but Parker eventually succumbed to demand.

The eraser shows that the pencil has been lightly used but, other than that, there are no signs of usage.  The pencil is unmarked and the heavy 23Ct. Gold fill is in pristine condition, as is the hard Parker case.

The pencil is of the finest quality and the colour, and special edition status, along with the Duofold decal inset in the finial make this one of the most sought after of the Centennial pencils.