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Parker Classic Gold Plated Perle

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The Gold plated Perle finish was added to the Parker Classic line in 1990 and discontinued in 1993, a relatively short production run.  'Perle', translated as 'pearl  is one of the most attractive and less common of the Classic finishes.

The pen is in totally mint, unused condition throughout, essentially new old stock.  It is a very slim and outrageously attractive pen.  The heavily Gold plated pattern consists of finely engraved vertical lines interspersed with what appear to be small raised 'pearls'.  Close inspection reveals that these are actually concave depressions, a clever way of giving the impression of raised dots but avoiding the inevitable wear that would quickly occur if this were the case.

The Classic is very similar to it's predecessor, the Parker 180 in shape and size.  The same triangular 'dagger' nib is partially hooded on the Classic and the cap stud is elongated, otherwise it is a 180. 

The pen is a cartridge/converter filler, it is fitted with the original Parker slim metal converter and a new ink cartridge will be included so the pen is ready to write. 

The pen is presented in the original hard plastic case along with a cardboard outer sleeve.

The Parker Classic in Gold plated Perle finish is not a common pen by any means, a mint example such as this does not come along very often.