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Parker Classic GT. Matt Black epoxy coated. Mint.

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The Parker Classic fountain pen, introduced in 1986, was, essentially, an update to the Parker 180.  This pen, made in England, carries a date code for the third quarter of 1989.

The pen is in superb, unused condition throughout, the epoxy resin coated  body and cap show no sign of use and the Gold filling is similarly pristine.  The sharply pointed flat triangular nib is straight and well aligned with a good ball of tipping material, the collar carries the letter 'M', for a medium point.  The pen has not been used, but the Classic nib is known as a very good writer.

The Classic is a cartridge/converter filler, it is fitted with the original Parker ink converter and a new ink cartridge is supplied so the pen is ready to write in either configuration.

The cap is a push fit, it closes securely with a satisfying 'click'.  If the pen is posted for use the cap also secures on the slightly flared barrel end stud, a useful feature to prevent scratching of the barrel by posting a metal cap.

At 137mm. capped and 142 mm. posted, the Classic is a good sized, slim and elegant pen.  At 11.8g. with the converter in situe it is a light pen, despite the all metal construction.  This is an important consideration if the pen is to be used for extended periods of writing, it reduces strain on the small muscles in the fingers, it is a very 'comfortable' pen.

An original Parker Classic fountain pen in mint condition is not easy to find.  The metal construction, the tough resin coating, and the flexible filling system makes the pen a robust and reliable every day vintage writer.