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Parker Corinth ballpoint in Silver plate. Mint, unused condition. 1988.

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The Parker '88' was launched, not surprisingly, in 1988.  This pen is a first year, high end, '88 Corinth' in fluted Silver plate with green section and end caps.
In 1992 the 88 Mk.1 was discontinued.  The short production run and relatively high price of the top of the range model does promote 'collectability' of that particular pen at some stage in the future. Conequently  pristine Corinths, such as this pen, are not at all easy to find.
The pen is in mint, unused condition.  It is strikingly attractive and bears no handling or storage marks, explained by the provenance outlined below. At 16cm., six and a half inches, in length when posted for use, it is a long and elegant pen with a very good balance and feel.
The pen is part of a special collection created in the 1980s as a presentation to businessmen promoting Parker pens as prestigious business gifts. They have been left untouched since then so are now available for sale for the first time. Please contact me if you would like information about the whole collection.
The Corinth will be sent by Royal Mail, first class, signed for delivery.  

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