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Parker De Luxe Challenger set. 1936.

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The Parker De Luxe Challenger, recognisable by the triple cap bands, was introduced in 1935.  This pen carries a date code for the third quarter of 1936.

This set, comprising a fountain pen and mechanical pencil, is is outstanding condition throughout.  Fully serviced and tested, it is in full working order and, at eighty eight years old, shows very few signs of use.  The pen is a good size, over 15cm. when posted, and has a very solid, 'chunky' feel.  The material used in the De Luxe Challenger was of higher grade, and thicker, than that found on the 'Standard' model.

It is finished in a pearl green marbled pattern against a black background with Gold filled trim.  The celluloid has a first class surface with clear imprints, the one on the pen reads:

Parker De Luxe Challenger

Made in U.S.A.

Parker Pen co. Janesville. Wis.


The '36' refers to the date of manufacture, the third quarter of 1936.  The pencil is also clearly stamped, this time with a 1937 date code, the pen and pencil were matched before dispatch to the retailer and it isn't unusual to have a slight discrepancy in dates of manufacture.

The pen is a button filler, the button is housed at the end of the barrel and accessed by removing the blind cap.  The pen fills well and gives good ink flow.  The 14 Ct. Gold nib, also stamped '36', writes with a smooth fine line.  It would suit someone with a 'small hand' or for use in more detailed work.

The pencil is perfectly matched to the pencil and is also stamped as a De Luxe challenger. It has a smooth rotary mechanism, activated by turning the cap to extend and retract the lead.  The cap can be removed to reveal the eraser which shows no use but has hardened with age.  I haven't attempted to remove the eraser as they do become brittle and can break.  New leads are widely available and can be fitted through the nozzle as required.

The Parker box is from several decades later than the set but it is of very high quality and in excellent condition.  It will serve well for transportation, protection, and display.

The De Luxe Challenger with a ball ended clip, this model, was discontinued some time in 1937 so the pen had a relatively short production run and, as the more expensive mode, sold in fewer numbers.  Pen/pencil sets in this condition come along rarely and a very collectable.  I have provided 17 photographs of the set in attempt to show it from all angles, but they still do not do it justice.  It's an outrageously attractive set.