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Parker Doufold Lady Insignia.

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This pen is a truly outstanding example of a Rolled Gold Lady Duofold Insignia , the very top of the Lady Duofold range. This is the earliest version of the Lady Insignia, later models had a redesigned clip. The cap is stamped '1/10 12 Ct. Rolled Gold', indicating that the pen is 1/10th Gold by weight. It is in excellent condition throughout with no dings and is a strikingly attractive and very functional vintage pen. 

The surface is very bright and vibrant with no tarnishing although there is a suggestion of shrinkage of the plastic section. The original Parker presentation case is in good condition.

The pen has been serviced and fully tested.  The unstained ink sac, a sign of little use, fills perfectly and the 14Ct. Gold nib writes with a smooth medium, firm line, very well suited to the pen. It is a very comfortable pen in use, a very 'easy' writer.

There were thee versions of the 'Lady' , each in four colours: Black, Red, Blue, Green, plus the Gold Insignia.  With only twelve for a complete set, plus the Insignia, by far the most desirable, the Lady is a great starting point for a collection but would also make a great every day writer.