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Parker Duofold Aerometric in Black

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The Parker Duofold Aerometric filler was introduced, to replace the button filling pens, in 1953.  There is no date code, but the box suggests it may be an early pen.

The pen has been fully serviced and is in excellent condition throughout.  It is quite a long, elegant version of the Duofold, the No. 10 nib suggests it is the Duofold Junior.   The photo of the pen alongside a Parker 51 shows that it is a good sized and well proportioned pen. 

The Aerometric 'squeeze bar' filling system works well and the 14Ct. Gold No.10 nib writes with a firm, medium line.

The box is in fairly good condition, as is the instruction leaflet. 

The Parker U.K. Duofolds are very much underated pens, particularly when compared with a new Gold nibbed pen which sell for in excess of two hundred pounds and are probably not as good as this original.