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Parker Duofold Aerometric in Black. c1953.

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The Parker Duofold Aerometric replaced the button filling version in 1953.  The very early pens were fitted with nibs stamped 'N' for Newhaven, as in this example.  Later Duofold nibs did not have the 'N' but carried a number denoting the size.

The pen was made in two sizes, the Duofold and the smaller Duofold Demi, this is the larger pen.  It is finished in Black with Gold filled clip and chevron engraved wide cap band.

The pen has been fully restored and tested, and is in excellent working condition.  It has a very good surface and the Gold filling is in good condition.  The 14 Ct. Gold Newhaven nib is a good size and is a really smooth and  consistent writer, a pleasure to use.

The Duofold has a very 'chunky' appearence and a solid, well balanced feel.  It was made at a time when a fountain pen was designed and engineered to write well for extended periods of time and to last well.  Seventy years later this pen is still performing faultlessly.