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Parker Duofold AF 1948-1953.

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The Parker Duofold AF replaced the button filling version in 1948 and was, in turn, replaced by the 'Aerometric' in 1953. The Newhaven nib and style of the barrel imprint indicate that this is an early pen.

It is a fine example in Grey with Gold filled trim.  It is in first class condition throughout, having undergone a complete restoration.  The pen has a deep lustrous shine which complements the Gold trim very well.  The barrel imprint is crisp and clear and the Gold filling is first class.

The pen was disassembled, thoroughly cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner and hand finished.  A new ink sac and pressure bar were fitted as the old sac had hardened and the pressure bar showed some corrosion.  The nib was not removed from the section as it was correctly aligned and all channels were clear, it is usually best to leave the assembly intact unless there is reason to disturb it.  The photograph shows the pen prior to sac trimming and reassembly.

The 14 Ct. gold nib is straight and well aligned.  It is clearly stamped:

Parker Duofold 14K Pen 'N'.  

The 'N' stands for Newhaven, the location of the Parker factory at the time.  Given that it is clearly an English nib it is curious that Parker used the '14K' designation rather than '14Ct.'.

Testing showed that the filling system works well, filling easily with a single press of the button.  At over six inches in length when posted the pen has a very well balanced and substantial 'chunky' feel.  The 14Ct. Gold nib writes with a smooth, firm, fine line.

The Parker box is the correct one for the pen and is almost certainly original, it came to me with the pen and is in excellent condition.

The Parker Duofold AF is a large, attractive, and prestigious pen, it would make an excellent every day vintage writer.