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Parker Duofold Centennial, mint

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The Parker Duofold Centennial was the first pen made after the English branch takeover of the American Parker pen division in 1988 and had to be something very special.  At a huge 173mm. when posted for use and with a barrel width of 13.2 mm. it is an extremely impressive but distinguished looking pen.  This fine example was actually made in 1987, one of a small number of very early pens identified by a shorter and less deeply engraved clip than the 1988 pens.

The pen is, despite its huge size and chunky proportions, not such a heavy pen at 30g.  The meticulous design places the centre of mass of the pen, when posted, at 100mm. from the tip of the nib.  It is not surprising that this is exactly where the pen would sit in the 'jaw' of an average sized hand when in use, giving perfect balance.

The nib is two tone 18 Ct. Gold with an elaborate parker 'arrow' motif and a fine point.  Parker claimed that it was the largest solid Gold nib in production and that it was hand slit and polished by tumbling in a barrel of walnut shells for 48 hours before being hand finished.  Needless to say, replacement nibs are very, very expensive, assuming one can be located. 

The pen is a cartridge/converter filler and is supplied fitted with the original parker ink converter.

The cap stud has an inset decal, consistent with the provenance outlined below, it could  be removed or a replacement cap stud fitted.  The pen is totally pristine in all respects, a remarkably fine example of English pen making at its very best.

The pen is part of a special collection created in the 1980s as a presentation to businessmen promoting Parker pens as prestigious business gifts. They have been left untouched since then so are now available for sale for the first time.