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Parker Duofold in Green. Mint condition, flex nib.

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The Parker Duofold cap style was changed in 1968 to include a redesigned arrow clip and a cap ring covering the end of the cap, as in this example.  It was discontinued in 1971, a relatively short production run.

The pen is finished in Green, by far the least common of the Duofold colours.  It is in totally mint, unused condition although I have inked the pen for testing.

The imprints are clear and crisp.  The barrel imprint identifies the pen as a 'Parker Duofold' and the cap is also stamped 'Duofold', twice,in addition to 'Parker Made in England'.

The 'pli glass' ink sac is clear and unstained and the filler sleeve bright and clearly marked.

At 13.5 cm. capped and a very impressive 15.6 cm. when posted for use it is a long and elegant pen.  

The Green finish is flawless, as is the Gold filling on the clip, cap stud, and cap ring.  This has a bevelled edge and has a lip inside the cap, there is no danger of cracks to the cap lip, as was sometimes an issue with earlier Duofolds.

The pen has been inked, once, for testing purposes, then thotoughly flushed,  as, it was apparent that the 14 Ct. Gold No.10 nib had some flex that needed describing.  It writes with a medium to broad line with a very responsive flex giving good line variation.  Someone with a decent 'hand' would enjoy producing impressive results.

One of the more hard to find Duofolds, particularly in this colour and condition, the pen would make a first class vintage daily writer.