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Parker Duofold Junior Aerometric in Green.

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The Parker Duofold Junior Aerometric is misnamed in one respect. 'Junior' suggests a small pen but, at 15.8cm. when posted for use, it is a very long and elegant pen.

The Junior, along with the other Duofold Aerometrics, was produced in four solid colours: red, black, blue and green, with green being, by far, the least common.

Fully serviced and tested, this is a fine example showing very little sign of use, it could be described as 'near mint'.  It has a showroom finish with a clear barrel imprint:

Parker Junior

Made in England 

The Gold filling to the clip and chevron decorated cap band is also pristine.  The cap is a smooth screw fit, tightening with one and a quarter turns.

The 'Aerometric' filling system has a 'squeeze bar' arrangement, it is efficient and easy to use.

The original 14Ct. Gold Parker No.10 nib is straight and well aligned. It writes with a firm, fine line, ideally suited to someone with a small 'hand' or for more detailed work.  It is a comfortable and 'easy' writer.

English made Parker Duofolds have survived quite well because they are good pens.  Nevertheless, it is rare to find one in such good condition, particularly in green.