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Parker Duofold Junior. Boxed, mint condition.

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'Parker Duofold Junior' is an odd name for a pen that is longer than the 'Standard' version, albeit slimmer.  Having said that, it can be seen from the last two photographs that the Duofold Standard is a particularly fat pen!  

This is a super example of the Duofold Junior, it could well be unused.  Presented in the original 'halo' box along with the instruction leaflet, it in mint condition throughout.  It has an unmarked surface with a deep shine, a very crisp barrel imprint and pristine gold trim.  The original 'pli-glass' ink sac is unstained.  The 'halo' was adopted by Parker 1957, suggesting that the pen was made after that date.

The Parker U.K. Duofold pens represent excellent value in terms of quality, particularly true of a pen in such superb condition.  There isn't a new, gold nibbed pen on the market that comes anywhere near it in this respect.