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Parker Duofold Junior Boxed Set

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The Parker Duofold Junior was added to the U.K. Duofold range in 1962.  despite it's name, the Junior is by no means a small pen, the posted length is over six inches.

This set, comprising a fountain pen and propelling pencil, is in outstaanding condition throughout, and shows very few signs of use.  The finish is excellent, imprints strong, and the Gold filling is pristine.  The ink sac has darkened with age but is not ink stained and the pencil carries an original chalk mark.  These wax marks are very fragile and disappear rapidly as the pencil is handled.

The aerometric filling system is easy to use and takes up a good volume of ink.  The 14 Ct. Gold Parker No.10 nib is straight and well aligned, it writes with a super smooth medium line with a small, but pleasing, amount of flex and is a pleasure to use.

At 13.4 cm. capped and 15.3 cm. posted for use, the Parker Junior is a very good sized pen with a well balanced, high quality feel.  The blue colour contrasts well with the Gold filling to give the pen a classicically understated and most attractive appearence.  As with many particularly handsome pens I got a little carried away with the number of photographs!

The pencil has a rotary mechanism, it is operated by turning the cap to extend and retract the lead. The eraser shows little use, it is not recommended to attempt to use or remove the eraser as they do become very brittle with age and are likely to break if disturbed.  New leads are fitted through the nozzle of the pencil.

The contemporary Parker box appears to have housed a triple set, It is in very clean, sound condition.

The Parker Duofold line sold very well in the 1960s but it is, nevertheless, not easy to find examples in such pristine condition.  It is interesting to note that new Gold nibbed pens, using a cartridge filling system, start at over twice the price of this vintage set, making this a great alternative to a new pen.  It would make an excellent daily writer.