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Parker Duofold Junior in Black. Excellent condition throughout.

Regular price £60.00

The Parker Duofold Junior, aerometric version, was only made in England,  The nib carries a code of '10' for the nib size, and '8' for 1958.

The pen is in first class condition with an excellent surface finish, clear imprint, and pristine Gold filled trim.  The original 'pli-glass' ink sac is darkened but not stained and the ink level is still visible.

It is finished in Black with Gold filling to the clip and decorated cap band.  The nib is the correct 14 Ct. Gold No.10.  It is perfectly straight and well aligned, and writes with a  smooth, consistent fine line.   

The Parker Duofold Junior does not live up to its name in one respect: it is by no means a small pen.  At over 6 inches in length when posted it is a very long and elegant pen with a very good balance and feel.  

At the moment the Parker Duofold Junior is much underrated but that is sure to change, particularly for a pen in such superb condition.  It is very difficult to identify a new pen with a Gold nib of this quality and 'breeding' at anywhere near the price!