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Parker Duofold Junior in Blue, Excellent writer

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The name of the Parker Duofold Junior Aerometric version is slightly misleading as it suggests a small pen, at over 6 inches in length when posted this is certainly not the case. 

This is an excellent example, it has a deep, lustrous finish with a clear barrel imprint, the Gold trim is in first class condition and the ink sac is only lightly stained.  The 14Ct. Gold No.10 nib is straight and well aligned with a clear imprint including a 1958 date code. 

The pen has been fully serviced and tested.  The Aerometric filling system is efficient and easy to use and the nib is a real gem.  It writes with a super smooth medium line, a little on the broad side, and has a small but very pleasing amount of flex.  It is a very 'easy' writer and a pleasure to use.

It would make an excellent vintage pen for daily use, perhaps best suited to someone with a large, bold hand.