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Parker Duofold Junior in Blue. Excellent condition throughout.

Regular price £60.00

The Parker Duofold Junior, despite the name, is not a small pen by any means.  At 15.8 cm., with the cap posted for use it is an exremely long and elegant pen, significantly longer than the standard Duofold.

Finished in blue, with Gold filled clip and decorated cap band, this is a fine example.  The body and cap have an unmarked surface and the Gold trim is similarly pristine.  The cap, which is a smooth screw fit, carries a blue end 'jewel'.  The barrel imprint, identifying the pen as an English made Parker Junior, is crisp and clear. 

The pen has been fully restored and tested.  The original ink sac was working, but was a little 'tired' so it was replaced. The photograph shows the pen just before reassembly and finishing, along with a close up of the nib.

The 'aerometric' squeeze bar filler works perfectly and is easy to use.  The 14 Ct, Gold Parker no.10 nib is straight and well aligned with a clear imprint.  It writes with a firm, medium line, perhaps a little on the fine side.

The box is new, it is of high quality and will serve well for protection, transport, and display.

At the moment the Parker Duofold Junior is much underrated but that is sure to change, particularly for a pen in such fine condition.  It is not possible to identify a new pen with a Gold nib and of this quality and 'breeding' at anywhere near the price!