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Parker Duofold Junior Streamline. 1931.

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The Parker Duofold Junior Streamline version was introduced in 1929, this pen was made, in Canada, in 1931.

The pen has been conservatively restored and is in excellent condition.  It has a good surface, showing only light capping marks, and the Gold filling on the clip and cap bands is pristine.  

The 14 Ct. Gold nib, a replacement, is straight and well aligned.  It writes with a super smooth and consistent medium line with a very pleasing 'soft' feel.  It is a very comfortable and 'easy' writer.

The cap is a smooth screw fit, tightening with one and a half turns, the threads are in excellent condition.  The patent stamp on the clip.along with the style of imprint, date the pen to 1931.

 Parker Duofolds of this age and condition are very collectable, red ones particularly so.