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Parker Duofold Maxima in Black.

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In 1958 Parker discontinued the 'Duofold Senior' and introduced this pen, the much larger 'Duofold Maxima'.  As the largest, and most expensive English Duofold the Maxima was now the flagship pen of the range.

This is a very fine example, it is finished in classic Black with Gold filled trim including a broad cap band and 'arrow' clip with a black end jewel.  The cap is a secure fit to the barrel but with only about a half turn.  There is no discernible imprint but the surface is excellent and has a good deep finish which contrasts perfectly with the Gold trim, also in fine condition.

The filling system works well, taking up a good volume of ink and the very large 14Ct. Gold 'Arrow' no 50 nib writes with a firm medium to fine line.

The pen is 14.5 cm. capped and a huge 16.8cm. posted.  The photograph shows it alongside a Parker 5, a very decent sized pen  from around the same era to give a better idea of size.

The U.K. Duofold range was hugely successful and consisted of a number of designs, or more accurately, sizes, in four standard colours, Red, Blue, Green, and black.  They were all good quality, functional pens but could be seen as a little 'boring'.  The Maxima instantly changed that view, its impressive dimensions and classic good looks made it a 'must have' Duofold for those that could afford one, and, sixty years or so later it is regarded as the only truly collectable U.K. post war Doufold.