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Parker Duofold 'double jewel'. 1946. Fully restored.

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The Parker Duofold 'New Style' button filler, this pen, was introduced in 1946 and replaced with the 'AF' in 1947.  This is a very fine example, finished in classic Black with gold filled trim.  Unlike the later Duofolds it has a Gold filled ring, or 'tassie' around the end of the blind filler cap.

The pen has been fully restored and tested, it was dismantled, thoroughly cleaned, and fitted with a replacement ink sac and pressure bar, and given a light polish.  It is in very ggod condition with a deep lustre, excellent Gold filling, and a clear barrel imprint.

The pen fills quickly and easily and the original Parker, Newhaven 14Ct. Gold nib writes with a medium line.  It is a left oblique nib, some line variation is available with a little practice.

This is a large, substantial pen, when posted it is an impressive 15.7 cm., well over 6 inches in length.  At a time when fountain pens were designed to be used for hours on end it was essential that the pen was light in weight to prevent fatigue and injury to the small muscles in the hand.  Despite its robust build and large size Parker managed to keep the weight down to just 17.5 g., ideal for prolonged use.