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Parker Duofold NS. 1946.

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The Parker Duofold NS, for 'new style', was introduced in 1946 and replaced around a year later by the Duofold AF, the 'aluminium filler'.  

The pen is a traditional button filler, unchanged from the original Duofolds, but it is a 'twin jewelled' pen, it has a Gold filled tassie and colour matched stud at the end of the blind cap.  At 13.5 cm. capped and a very impressive 15.7 cm. when posted for use it is large pen with a good deal of 'presence'.

The pen has been restored and is in excellent condition throughout.  It is an unusual Chocolate Brown colour with only light usage marks and a good finish.   The gold filling to the clip, tassies, and decorated cap band is also in good order.

The nib is stamped:

'Parker. Duofold. 14K. Pen. N.'

The 'N' signifies that the pen was made in the Parker factory at Newhaven, later pens carried a number but not the 'N'.  It is curious that the English branch of Parker use '14K', rather than '14Ct.' for the Gold content of the nib, 'karat' is the American spelling, the  English use 'carat'.

The bezel on the clip is stamped:

Regd. no. 784404

This is a registration number issued by the British board of trade to protect the design of the now famous Parker 'arrow' clip, as shown in the last photograph.  It didn't seem to work very well overseas, however, as a number of manufacturers produced their own variations.

The filling system has been ovehuled, it works well, filling with one firm press on the button.  The pen writes with a beautifully smooth firm, medium line, perhaps a little on the fine side, and has a pleasing 'springiness' giving a soft feel.  It is a great writer.

This is a fine example of a Duofold NS.  The unusual colour  is not easy to find, particularly in such good condition.   At 78 years old it is very collectable but would also make a first rate, every day vintage writer.