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Parker Duofold Pencil. 1955.

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The Parker Duofold line was updated to the 'New Duofold' with the introduction of the aerometric filling system on fountain pens in 1953.  This is a 'New Duofold' style propelling pencil carrying a  date code for 1955.

The pencil is in outstanding condition throughout.  It is finished in classic black with Gold filled trim and colour matched cap stud.  The pencil body is unmarked and has a clear imprint, the Gold filling being similarly pristine.

The pencil has a rotary action which is operated by twisting the cap to extend and retract the lead.  The cap can be removed to expose an eraser which has seen little use.  The eraser has hardened with age, I haven't attempted to remove it as hardened old erasers are very brittle and break easily.   Shaking the pencil suggests that there are spare leads still contained in the pencil barrel.

Mechanical pencils have seen an upsurge in popularity recently with new models ranging from a few pounds to over twoo hundred.  The vast majority of these use a simple and cheap to make 'click action' continuous feed mechanism which depends upon plastic 'catches'.  The original rotary mechanism, as in this pencil, is much more robust and is only found towards the top of the price spectrum.

At almost seventy years old the pencil is clearly of collectable quality but it would also make an attractive and practical every day writer.