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Parker Duofold Senior set. Huge 1920s Big Red.

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The original Parker Duofold Senior, more commonly, the 'Big Red' is a good candidate for the most iconic fountain pen of all time.  This set, comprising a Senior fountain pen and Senior pencil, is in outstanding condition throughout, and has been fully restored and tested.

The pen was made in Canada and the pencil in the U.S.A, there was a close collaboration between the parent company and the emergent ones at the time, with most of the Canadian pens meant for export to the, then, 'British Empire', particularly the U.K.

The Big Red is an enormous pen when posted for use, although it is perfectly comfortable in the unposted configuration.  At 14.5 cm. in length the pencil is also very much on the large side.   

The pen has the very large, so called 'giant', 'DUOFOLD' imprint.  This was discontinued in 1923 but remained in use until 1926 in Canada.  Parker also introduced the black ring around the top of the pencil barrel in 1926, to make it match the red and black pen more closely.  Both these changes strongly suggest a date of 1926 for the set, certainly no later.

The surfaces are excellent and the imprints legible, the pen cap screws smoothly and secrely into place with one complete turn, there are only only minor capping marks and no marks from posting the cap.  The cap has two pairs of vent holes, to prevent ink surge as the pen is uncapped.  The Gold filling is in first class condition on pen and pencil, the slightly raised cap band being consistent with the year of production.

The 'hanging bar' button operated filling system works well and the large 14 Ct. Gold Duofold nib writes with a smooth, firm, medium line.  I think this pen would suit someone with a large, bold 'hand'.

The pencil is also in excellent condition.  It operates by twisting the cap to expel and retract the lead.  The otiginal eraser is still in place and in one piece, but it has hardened with age.

The box, whilst in solid condition, is not contemporary with the set.  It has a couple of scribbles on the top but is in clean conditiion inside and will  serve for protection and transport.

Parker currently list  a new 'Big Red' fountain pen as their 'flagship' model, and it is a very nice pen. It is, however, a pale imitation of the original to which it bears only a superficial resemblance. 

The original Parker Duofold Senior is amongst the most collectable of pens.  It represents pen making at its very best, and, despite Parker's most recent offerings, will never be repeated.  There is only one Big Red, this is it, and it comes along very rarely.  It is hugely attractive and has a great deal of prestige.