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Parker Duofold Slimfold Mk. II in Black.

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The Parker Slimfold was added to the immensely successful Duofold range in 1962 and changed in 1968.  Despite the name the Slimfold is a very comfortable 14.7 cm. in length when posted for use, only marginally shorter than the Parker 51.

This pen is a fine example of a MKII Slimfold, made in England around 1969.  The MkII differs from the original in that it has a terminal cap ring and a more modern version of the 'arrow' clip.

The pen has been thoroughly cleaned, checked and tested.  The filling system works well and the 14 Ct. Gold nib is a really great writer.  It delivers a very smooth and 'easy' medium to broad line, a pleasure to use.