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Parker Duofold Slimfold in Blue

Regular price £45.00

The Parker Slimfold was added to the immensely successful Duofold range in 1962 and changed in 1968.  Despite the name the Slimfold is a very comfortable 14.7 cm. in length when posted for use, only marginally shorter than the Parker 51.  In use it is quite a long, and very elegant pen.

This pen is a fine example, made in England around the early sixties. It is finished in Blue, perhaps the most attractive of the four Duofold colours, Green is the most uncommon.

The cap is a smooth screw fit, it carries a Gold filled 'arrow' clip and a chevron decorated Gold filled cap band.  There are no cracks in the cap lip, this is a common and often undisclosed fault with Slimfolds, something to be very careful about.  The surface of the pen is excellent as is the Gold filling. The original ink sac shows only light staining and the barrel imprint is crisp and clear.

The pen has been fully serviced and tested.  It fills well and the 14 Ct. Gold nib has a very pleasant soft feel, it is a very comfortable and easy writer.

The Parker Slimfold is often underrated and seriously undervalued, new Gold nibbed pens start at over £100. This example is a very servicable, attractive, and relaible Gold nibbed pen with an excellent pedigree, it is a truly vintage fountain pen.