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Parker Duofold Slimfold Mk.ll. in Blue

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The Parker Slimfold was added to the immensely successful U.K. Duofold range in 1962.  The cap and clip design was changed to this Mk. ll design in the late 1960s and the 'New Slimfold' was introduced in 1971.

Despite the name the Slimfold is a very comfortable 14.6 cm. in length when posted for use, only marginally shorter than the Parker 51.

This pen is a fine example of a MKII Slimfold, made in England around 1967.  The MkII differs from the original in that it has a terminal cap ring and a more modern version of the 'arrow' clip.  The cap ring wraps around inside the cap lip so preventing cracks, a common fault in the original Slimfold.

The cap and barrel have an excellent surface and the Gold filling on the clip, cap stud, and cap ring are simillarly pristine.  The Mk.ll did not have a barrel imprint, a practice that was carried over to the subsequent model.

The pen has been thoroughly cleaned, checked and tested.  The filling system works well and the 14 Ct. Gold No. 5 nib writes with a smooth and consistent line with a small, but pleasing amount of flex.

It is interesting to compare the quality and price of this pen with a modern equivalent.  New gold nibbed pens start at around £100, most are a good deal more.  Very few modern pens have a built in filling system, the vast majority use cartridges, not a good thing in terms of plastic consumption, and none have the charm and character of of good vintage pen.