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Parker Inflection Flighter GT

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The Parker Inflection was only made for three years between 2001 and 2004, this example is the top of the range, all steel Flighter Gold trimmed version. 

The Inflection was a quite innovative design which sported new features such as the multi-part 'Arrow' clip, a long section with a 'stop' at the nib end, and a 23 Ct. Gold plated exposed nib. 

The pen is a really excellent writer, it produces a silky smooth and consistent medium line. At 15cm. length, when posted for use, it is a good sized pen with a solid, well balanced feel.

Because of the short production run and the fact that the pen did not sell as well as expected the Parker Inflection is not a common pen, a Flighter GT such good condition is not easy to find.