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Parker Inflection Flighter GT pen set.

Regular price £65.00

The Parker Inflection was only made for three years between 2001 and 2004, this set is the top of the range, all steel Flighter Gold trimmed version.  In superb condition, the fountain pen is unused and uninked and the ballpoint has seen little use.

The Inflection was a quite innovative design which sported new features such as the multi-part 'Arrow' clip, a long section with a 'stop' at the nib end, and a 23 Ct. Gold plated exposed nib.  Retailing at around $90, for the fountain pen alone, it was by no means a cheap pen and was packaged appropriately in a high quality hard display case.  The outer cardboard case is clearly marked as a GT. Inflection.

Because of the short production run and the fact that the pen did not sell as well as expected the Parker Inflection is not a common pen and a boxed set in near mint condition is quite a rarity.