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Parker Insignia Custom in Green. Mint condition.

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Although the ballpoint version of the Parker Insignia was produced from 1991 through to 2008 the Insignia fountain pen was made for a very short time around 1997 and is really quite scarce.  This set dates carries a date code for the second quarter of 1997, it is 24 years old.

The set is in mint condition throughout, totally pristine with no  usage or handling marks.  A top of the range Custom version, it is finished in Burgundy lacquer, described by Parker as ' Custom Green' with 14Ct gold 'Dimonite G' caps. Dimonite is quite a special material, it is 50 % Gold and 50 % Titanium to add hardness and scratch resistance.  The caps are extremely bright with a deep lustre.

 The set is in its original Parker box along with an instruction leaflet, also pristine.

The fountain pen is fitted with the original Parker screw converter and the case houses two cartridges. I have replaced the two ink cartridges as the originals would have been past their sell by date!  The ballpoint refill has also been replaced for the same reason.

 A high quality, and extremely attractive pen, it clearly owes some heritage to the Parker 75, it is very similar in size and shape.  The Dimonite caps have a very deep and attractive finish as does the deep lacquering on the pen bodies.

When Parker stopped making the Insignia after such a short time it was instantly destined to become very collectable, a set in such lovely condition comes along very rarely.