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Parker Lady Duofold in Black

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Parker added the 'Lady Duofold' to the range of U.K. Duofolds in 1958, it was replaced by the '17 Lady' in 1962.  This pen is a fine example of the original 'Lady', it is much harder to find than it's successors.

Finidhed in Black, with Gold filled clip and cap band, the pen is in excellent condition.  It has been fully serviced and tested.  The black body and section have a good finish with only light usage marks and the Gold filling has held up very well.  The cap, which is a smooth screw fit, has a decorated Gold filled cap band and a black end 'jewel'.  There are no cracks in the cap lip, something to look out for in older Lady Duofolds. 

The 'Aerometric' type filler system is efficient and easy to use.  The 14Ct. Gold nib has a medium point, it writes with a very smooth and consistent fine line, perhaps a little on the broad side of fine.  Although it is a small pen it is comfortable in use, with the cap posted for larger hands.  the last photograph shows that the Parker Lady is considerably larger than it's main competitor, the Conway Stewart Dinkie.

The pen is a very 'easy' writer and would make an excellent vintage pen for daily use.  It is worth noting that the 'Lady' has an excellent Gold nib, any new pen with this feature would cost at least four times as much as this pen and probably wouldn't perform as well!